Over a cup of tea...

 I'd recently completed a yoga Teacher Training in Sedona, AZ. I returned home with a renewed passion to teach yoga and a desire for "space." I was eager to create a more powerful personal practice and to teach classes that challenge and inspire.

Additionally, I wanted to create a space for other teachers to do the same. To explore their own creativity, renew their passion and feel loved and supported during the process. 

CrossFit Bios had recently moved to a new location with an enclosed loft. It was the perfect space. Peter Santos, owner of CrossFit Bios generously offered me the space and freedom. And so, over a cup of tea at Tea Xotics in El Dorado Hills...Bios Yoga was born. The space was a gift and I am forever grateful for the opportunity. 

Bios Yoga is not just a studio...it's a space. It's a space for you to be challenged, inspired, supported and renewed. Bios, simply put, means "one's life, course or way of living." We offer classes, coaching and workshops to help you along your life's course.


Maryeth A. Loriaux